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PBDJ Blog Post I spent a few hours today getting our PowerBuilder applications to properly spell check using Wintertree’s Sentry Spell Checking Engine. This spell check engine revolves around one DLL and a few dictionaries. Now, I haven’t gotten to the point of adding spell check as you type, but they say it is possible. I ended up with one non-visual user object that contains all my code. This user object has one public function of_spell_check(string as_text) that takes the text you wish to spell check as a parameter. To start, I needed to declare 6 local external function calls into the provided DLL: FUNCTION long SSCE_CheckBlockDlg(ulong hWnd, REF string textToCheck, long textLength, long newlength, int showContext) LIBRARY "SSCE5532.DLL" ALIAS FOR "SSCE_CheckBlockDlg;Ansi" FUNCTION integer SSCE_SetKey(long key) LIBRARY "SSCE5532.DLL" FUNCTION integer SSCE_SetU... (more)

Single Instance PowerBuilder Applications

PBDJ Blog Post One way I’ve found to do this is through a few calls to the system to query whether the application is already running or not. Placing the code in the application’s open event is one way of handling more than once instance. See example code below: OleObject locator,service,props String ls_query int num, ret   ls_query = "select name , description from Win32_Process where name = 'textpad.exe'" locator = CREATE OleObject ret = locator.ConnectToNewObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator"); service = locator.ConnectServer(); props = service.ExecQuery(ls_query); num = pr... (more)

Contribution: PowerBuilder

PBDJ Blog Post For the longest time, I’ve wanted to contribute something back to PowerBuilder – mostly in an OSS way. I signed up to be a developer on the codeplex hosted pfc code that Bruce Armstrong posted, but there is zero activity over there. I could fork PFC and start a new project, but what I could I add to the project that wouldn’t be better suited just being a part of PFC itself? I could start a new framework altogether, but that just seems like a lot of re-inventing the wheel. I don’t have the knowledge to come up with stuff like Brad Wery over at PowerToTheBuilder, so... (more)

PFC for PowerBuilder 11.5

PBDJ Blog Post A few weeks ago, I created a release over at the codeplex site for PFC. So far, there have been roughly 25 downloads and zero comments on the release. Anybody out there have anything to say about it? Everything working okay? ... (more)

PowerBuilder GeSHi Language File

PBDJ Blog Post In my last post, I stated that I may write a GeSHi language file for PowerBuilder. Before I started on it, I took a few minutes to search around. I managed to find references to one, but couldn’t find the actual file until I browsed the SVN repository for GeSHi on SourceForge. Now, though this script was 99% complete (that I could tell) I did have to add a couple more enumerations to it for it to work properly on the code I posted. I emailed the author to get the script updated, but until I can verify that it has, in fact, been updated – here is the link to my revi... (more)